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      3. 中文 | English

        Shanghai Asia Pacific Insurance Brokers Co.,Ltd is a professional insurance brokerage firm founded in 2002. Ap employs a highly qualified team with specialized knowledge and market experience. We aim to handle large scale insurance projects and develop the market in China nationwide.

        Major projects placed
        ■ Hangzhou Qingchun Road Tunnel---------Construction insurance and tunnel property blanket insurance
        ■ Shanghai Master Cup Tennis Court--------Architectural engineering all risks
        ■ Zhejiang Shipyard--------Ship builder risk insurance 
        ■ Shanghai Mart---------Property all risks and other master policy
        ■ Shanghai Sunjet Logistics --------- Cargo insurance
        ■ General Mill (China) Limited Company ---------Employer’s liability insurance
        ■ Youfa Aluminum (Shanghai) Limited Company ---------- Product liability insurance
        ■ NATSUN HOLDINGS LIMITED --------- D&O Chairman and Chief Executive insurance
        ■ Siemens Process Analytics (Shanghai) Limited company ---------- Enterprise annuity insurance
        ■ Kingdom Technology Limited company ---------- IT liability insurance

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